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    Leadership onboarding coaching helps the executive adapt to the employer's culture, create rapport with their team and develop productive ways to achieve necessary goals.
    Leadership skills and style testing. Know how you motivate and coach people to gain success at work and in life.
    Effective leaders keep up-to-date with effective self-coaching.
    Leadership is an interactive conversation that pulls people toward becoming comfortable with the language of personal responsibility and commitment.
    “The crux of leadership development that works is self-directed learning: intentionally developing or strengthening an aspect of who you are or who you want to be, or both.” Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis & Annie McKee (Harvard Business School Press)


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Truth flows from universal law, not personal views.


As a corporate executive, management consultant and executive coach, John G. Agno has investigated the factors that cause all the strain, stress and frustration among his clients to create workable and profitable solutions. Today, his life signature is to communicate these unique insights in personal interviews, blog postings and self-help books at prices so low that as many people as possible are able to afford and use them in their person and professional lives. His concept of self-coaching is to deliver secret life-changing and functional solutions, discovered through expensive one-on-one coaching sessions, to all who have limited time and financial resources.

Coaching is a powerful tool and one that should be used to help guide, direct and nourish people to become better performers. In today's environment of changing technology and evolving organizations, coaching can have a strategic impact. Personal coaching provides continuous learning and develops people to meet current and future needs. Coaching is an investment that you make in developing your key resource, people, for the long-term benefit of the organization.

So what is professional coaching and how does it differ from consulting? Download and listen to this MP3 recording of a recent interview of Coach Agno for the answer to that question:


As a former corporate executive, business owner and management consultant, Agno understands that in the business world, we don't speak much about the heart. Yet, since all businesses are ultimately people serving people, our life's work should come from the heart. Long after your products or services have been delivered, the feelings and knowledge shared during the business relationship remain. Coach Agno believes that people need connection, belonging and meaningful contribution. They need to know that their life and work matter. Many people find that personal or career transformation is an excellent time to better understand their life's work and direction.